Hosting Guide: Before the Party

  1. TEAM UP. A project like this is much easier and more fun with collaborators. Get together, plan it out, and divide up responsibilities like invitation, MCing, and recording. (It’s highly recommended to have someone tech-minded manage the recording and podcast audio submission.)
  2. THEME. Pick an interesting theme. Good themes sound specific but are open-ended. First Times. Getting Caught. Into the Wild.
  3. SPACE. Find a great place to host the event. Living rooms are best for creating the intimacy that True Story parties are known for. We discourage overly ‘public’ spaces like cafes, but it’s up to you.
  4. INVITE. Send out an invitation a couple of weeks ahead of time. We call it an ‘open mic storytelling party.’ Feel free to use our graphic.
  5. GROUND RULES. Include the ground rules: a true story, from your life, approximately 10 minutes, no notes.
  6. ASK FOR GREAT STORIES. In the invite, encourage people to think through their stories ahead of time and practice once on friends. This works wonders. You might include our Three Rules for Awesome Storytelling.

That’s it for prep. You’re ready to go! Grab a friend, pick a theme, and invite. Then you can start figuring out what story you’re going to tell.

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