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"The better, card game version of Truth or Dare."

- The Six Thirty

A game to unleash the storyteller in us all.
How to play.

"This is Cards FOR Humanity."

- Play Tester

A card game where players tell stories from their lives

From the creators of the True Story Podcast, comes a portable storytelling game you can play with a group of any size, from two close friends up to a full-on party.

Stories start to flow when you play with your weird family, debauched friends, or awkward colleagues. Break the ice and bring any group of people closer together.

True Story game players
True Story game cards

A game that teaches you how to be a better storyteller

The True Story game supplies players with memory prompts and introduces basic, intermediate and advanced storytelling techniques, slowly increasing the level of difficulty with every round of stories. It teaches anyone who plays it how to tell better stories — whether you’re a veteran teller or a total novice.

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