Join the Party

There are 2 ways to bring the live True Story experience to your living room: the Game and the Party.

True Story GameTHE GAME

The True Story Game is a party game where players tell stories from their lives. It includes everything you need to get stories flowing in a group of friends, family, or co-workers, with no preparation required. Minimal intimidation factor — it’s perfect for breaking the ice or bringing a group of people closer together. Bonus: it teaches everyone who plays how to be a better storyteller. Learn more about the True Story Game.


True Story PartyTHE PARTY

Storytelling fanatics, event planners, and experts of the Game will eventually want to throw a full-on True Story Party. This is what you hear on our podcast, where individuals perform 5-10 minute stories. And if you record and submit your stories to us, we may broadcast them to listeners around the planet. Grab our free Guide to Hosting a True Story Party.

Fun fact: the Game and the Party work great in combination. The first part of the evening is a fun and informal storytime, where everyone plays the Game in small groups. In part two, a few brave souls take to the stage to tell stories in the main performance.