Theme Archives: Confrontation

Oregon Trail Style

by Will
A father and his two kids wade into danger in the New Zealand backcountry.

See You Next Fall

by Tinkerbell (pseudonym)
The littlest girl at church tries to find her footing in a new environment.

Somebody Put My Head on Crooked

by Nick
Under a vow of silence, a young man’s meditation leads him into battle with himself.

Down the Wrong Road

by Ana
A young traveler takes a mountain detour with a new friend.

Traveling By Foot

by Matt
A film student’s plans to follow his inspiration go awry.

A Suspicious Man in Wing-Tip Shoes

by Adam
Stealing a Playboy on Main Street, USA.

Kissing Chamoco

by Joanna (pseudonym)
A Peace Corps volunteer crosses a line in Paraguay.

Nobody Goes There

by Brian
Breaking out of the bubble, a college student finds himself in the wild.