Theme Archives: The End of the Beginning

To Where You Cannot Breathe

by Ouda
A young girl has a brush with death in Madagascar. [Explicit Content]

The Third Eye

by Guru Matt (pseudonym)
A grown-up remembers the world he saw as a child. [Explicit Content]

Testing the Waters

by Zuzanna
An aspiring biology student travels to the South Pacific. [Explicit Content]

The Brief and Real Existence of Unicorns

by Patrick
What do blindness and Marco Polo have in common? [Explicit Content]

The Swimsuit

by Lavalamp (pseudonym)
A young swimmer overcomes ridicule at the posh country club. [Explicit Content]

Merits and Demerits

by Tinkerbell (pseudonym)
A young misfit recalls her exploits at an all-girls school. [Explicit Content]

Crazy Ahmet

by Nora
A young woman meets her infamous Turkish grandfather for the first time. [Explicit Content]

Neverending Story

by Nik
A hospital patient hallucinates on prescription drugs. [Explicit Content]

The Buck

by Lane.
A boy ventures into the woods for his first hunt.