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Latchkey Kid

by Chris
A ten-year-old orchestrates a cover-up in 1980s Brooklyn.

New Wives’ Tale

by Trish
How do you know? A woman has second thoughts about marriage.

Trauma Should Change You

by Christina
A young woman faces her illness.

Homely for the Holidays

by Sarah
A family squares off over proper Christmas clothing.

Woody in the Eyeball Park

by Marya
A young actress gets a glimpse of celebrity life after a chance encounter in Pittsburgh. [Explicit Content]

Outdoor Education

by Alan
A 5th-grader on a school camping trip wakes to a biology lesson of his own making. [Explicit Content]

Teddy Bear of Shame

by Sam
A pubescent boy discovers masturbation. [Explicit Content]

Hot Pursuit

by Steve
On a hot summer night in Texas, a barefoot man chases a thief.

The Champ

by Jeremy
On a day of celebration (and drinking), a rugby player almost embarrasses himself. [Explicit Content]

Highway of Tears

by Kathy
Our first listener-submitted story. Hitchhiking across British Columbia, two 19-year-old girls take an unintended detour. [Explicit Content]