Theme Archives: First Times

The Storm

by Michael
A young man’s difficult year comes to a head at the Burning Man festival. [Explicit Content]

Rhubarb Pie

by Sandy
An eight-year-old girl bakes her first pie.

Where Baby Came From

by Tom
A man recalls his earliest memory.

Of Boredom and Bank Robbery

by Rachel
A high school student saves the day at her first job. [Explicit Content]

Obstacle Course

by Sarah Sunflower (pseudonym)
A Hebrew School girl has an unexpected encounter with a rabbi. [Explicit Content]

Organ Theft

by Ana
An American traveler visits the doctor in Peru. [Explicit Content]

Plans With Dad

by Kevin
A high school boy gets his first grounding. [Explicit Content]

The Finger

by Sheila (pseudonym)
A young girl discovers masturbation and its stigma. [Explicit Content]

Sarah and Christina

by Daniel
A young man remembers his unconventional first kiss. [Explicit Content]